Being a "CamGirl"

By Stormy Official

Being a

As many of you know, I am in the sex industry as a self produced worker called being "camgirl."

This business has changed my life to something I never thought was possible.

I started at age 18 and am now almost 21.

I started in a one bedroom apartment with my mother serving tables for 2.13$ an hour struggling to afford the 400$ a month that our rent was and looking for another job.

My first day online was a hit! I made more money than I've ever seen in real life in one day.

Along the way of camming I started to lose myself. Between the harassment and the bullying and the constant use of me that people in the community found it funny to support and be a part of, I was struggling to even find a reason to continue to live even if I was making the average yearly income in a month.

Money doesn't buy happiness and I was learning the hard way.


I fell into a very dark deep depression.

I moved from Kentucky to Nevada hoping for a new beginning and I had no idea that it meant my life would start me from the bottom all over again.

 I finally realized what my drinking was doing to me.

I felt like no one wanted me unless I drank like i had no personality on cam, I also feel a lot of cam girls feel the same way though. Its a rough road and world to be in, being judged for everything you do, people expecting the best out of you all the time, people demanding you, the harassment, the bullying. It gets to be a bit much if I say so myself.


I stopped drink because I realized I had lost everything, everyone, including myself.


I had no passion for life. No motive to want to live. I went from cutting myself to drinking myself near death every night. No one understood, but everyone wanted to continue to be mean and hurt me. 


 I then met someone actually gave me guidance it was unexpected and kind of a beautiful thing. They showed me what passion was, what creativity was, what art could really be.

This person is reliable for not only giving me a reason to live, but for so much to come in the future. Out of all the people in my life the person I fell in love with the first day I met them seemed to do everything that I needed just right. I don't know if it was life telling me not to give up or what, but it still blows my mind to this day.

Since meeting this person I have gotten back into camming, I have quit drinking all the time, I have began to love myself. I have started building myself and my future. I have taken on tasks that are huge and I have completed those tasks, I have spent hours and hours working on a project that didnt come out the way I wanted but I know that there will always be room to grow, At the same time I have spent hours and hours on projects that have came out exactly how I wanted and I am so proud of them.

I have created this website, I have started Branding myself and not only a "Cam Girl" but an independent woman, who loves to create, who does what she needs to to pay her bills, who doesn't let fear hold them back, an artist, and now a well guided human.

My entire childhood went with out guidance and in my 20s I finally found someone to step in and give me the advice I needed, the feeling I needed, They didnt do much but make me feel beautiful, touch the core of my heart and tell me that I'm worth more out of life than its giving me.  


I am a Cam Girl, But I want to let you know, Im also more than that.


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Things You should Know

By Stormy Official

Things You should Know

So I love to write, I will be posting my feelings, my thoughts, my rants, my expressions on my website. I hope that you guys enjoy them. I find writing as a way to let things out that no one really wants to listen to. I love poems, I love just expressing the littlest things in life. 

Creating my own website has given me the ability to express myself how ever I want. Brand myself how I want.

And I'm going to start by branding myself as a young woman who works hard to live the life she could of never possible thought she would have.

I will post some of my portfolio on here for photographers as well as sell content so that i get 100% of my earnings because I feel I deserve 100% of my earnings for MY hard work.

I will hopefully be doing youtube videos in the future so keep an eye out for those!

I hope to do plenty more in the future but since I am doing this by myself and learning as I go im going to be taking it slow!


Thank you so much for reading this and checking out my website! Have a wonderful day,

Much love ,


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