Things You should Know

By Stormy Official

Things You should Know

So I love to write, I will be posting my feelings, my thoughts, my rants, my expressions on my website. I hope that you guys enjoy them. I find writing as a way to let things out that no one really wants to listen to. I love poems, I love just expressing the littlest things in life. 

Creating my own website has given me the ability to express myself how ever I want. Brand myself how I want.

And I'm going to start by branding myself as a young woman who works hard to live the life she could of never possible thought she would have.

I will post some of my portfolio on here for photographers as well as sell content so that i get 100% of my earnings because I feel I deserve 100% of my earnings for MY hard work.

I will hopefully be doing youtube videos in the future so keep an eye out for those!

I hope to do plenty more in the future but since I am doing this by myself and learning as I go im going to be taking it slow!


Thank you so much for reading this and checking out my website! Have a wonderful day,

Much love ,